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Protective reactions

Waste of time

I heard those words yesterday.

I heard those words yesterday in the context of a conversation - they weren't said to me or about me per se, but following only 1 step of logic they could apply.

I heard those words. And spooked.

The full-on Thoroughbred snorty, irrational, instantaneously-sideways-thru-space kind of spook. Pure, blind reation.

For that fraction of a second nothing other than the instinct to protect myself existed.

In that instant I would have dropped it all and walked away. No explanations, no discussion, no reasoning, just cut it off and not looked back.

I didn't, which I hope will not come back to bite me on the ass later.

I've been shown (*bap!* *bap!* *bap!*) lately that I'm a waste of time and not worth the effort. It's not a pleasant feeling. I can do without it. I shouldn't have to deal with crap like that.

I think that walking away from situations and people which display such an attitude is a good thing generally. No need to put real time and effort into something that others view at *best* casually. The reaction just needs to be a bit more... conscious.

As I wanted to say to BritBoy after his so called 'apology' 'Your words are very pretty, but basically meaningless. Following the forms without meaning it may make you feel better about yourself, but in the end they are *just* words. PROVE IT.'

-the redhead-

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.
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