-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Class & Career thoughts

Had a great class during the past week which really energized me, and hopefully will give me better career directions and options.

The instructor for the class was great, and seems knowledgeable and supportive of people getting places in their careers and opening up new opportunities.

I had the opportunity to car pool with him, which was fabulous on an interaction level (maybe sort of a casual interview sort of thing - do I have a brain & some ambition?) – not to mention it's a looong drive through traffic. I was pleasantly surprised that at the end of the day he mentioned that if I ever needed work he would be willing to help me look for work. He has a fabulous network in the area, so that is a pretty valuable offer. He also wants to see more of my work, both the old old NPBPI stuff and talk about SOX some.

- Look at resume again – ugh!
      o	Do I have enough hours to take PMP instead of CAPM?
              -	How to afford class fee?
              -	National & local memberships
              -	Contact past & current people worked with
      o	R was right about this in the past, and I was being too doubtful.
      o	Also revamp resume again
- Get more contact hours so I can take cert. Exam
      o	Class in Feb re: IT Projetcs
              -	Pricey
              -	Have to take time off work
- Look into taking full 14 week class on this at CU
      o	Tuition reimbursement?
      o	Summer class?
      o	Want same instructor!
- Refresh on SOX stuff
      o	Look at old stuff
      o	Get up to speed on new developments & approaches
      o	Local networking on this stuff!
- Still try to find champion at work
- Study group for cert (whichever one)
- Make project notebooks
      o	Current national account pricing project
      o	Analyze past projects
              -	NPBPI?
              -	Tiering? 

Keeping super busy is the way to go - no time for other worries.

-the redhead-
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