-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

The Knitting Curse Strikes Again, or...

...Habits carry on.

Well, I met a deadline this evening. I finished the blue alpaca & cashmere scarf I had been knitting up over the past few weeks. Funny thing is that I never considered *not* knitting on it, even when there was ruckus and doubts and such. Just a comforting thing to do, to pick up my knitting for a bit after work. The soft and luxurious feel of the rich fiber in my hands, the gentle sliding and hissing of the warm bamboo needles as I work, the soothing and repetitive motions that my hands have known for so long now, the power to design and create.

For real knitters there's never 'just a project', as we work our love and care into every stitch, our good thoughts and dreams. Because this project had been for someone special it was given that much more care and attention. I'm quite pleased with how the piece turned out - the extra care and effort show. It surpases all the normal criteria for warm and soft, is the right length, and the keyhole part turnd out well.

I'll admire it for another day and then find someone to give it to. There's too much invested and blue isn't my color.

Myabe I should stick to knitting for myself - no curses there...

-the redhead-
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