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22 December 2004 @ 01:57 pm
You learn something new every day  
I found out today that my car has a pneumatic suspension. Which can apparently act up separately from the normal sorts of shocks and struts parts that it has too. Not quite sure why it needs *both*, but Jim at Green Earth Auto was pretty good at explaining how this thing works without sending me off into head-nodding-uhuh-uhuh-land. Of course, he needs to see it and it needs fixed. Not good that it has apparently let all of the air out - makes my wheel wells be far to close to my tires in the front. I guess it doesn't like the cold, as it doesn't do this if it's above freezing. Could be pricey *sigh* So my car gets a nice vacation at the shop whilst I'm busy playing remodeling slave at my Mom's.

-the redhead-
...gets to paint the ceiling too, along with everything else...