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Wow - it's been 11 and a half years since I escaped from St. Louis. I have no desire to ever live there again (I mean really, I live in *Boulder*), but I do miss some of the tastes of my childhood. Someone in food_porn posted with this icon (which I've shamelessly stolen - appropriate for childhood memories stuff), which ended up in a bit of reminiscing...

I looove Imo's - always have. The Provel cheese, the spicy sauce, the *real* thin crust... *sigh* Pepperoni, extra cheese, extra sauce please. That is one of the tastes of my childhood.

I tried the 'thin crust' 'za at one of those big chains when they came out with is. *snicker* I ended up sending it back with an education for the manager on what *real* thin crust pizza is.

Cullpepper's - I used to sit at one of those tiny tables at the Cullpepper's right there on the corner in the CWE with my 2 orders of wings, a mountain of napkins, and a pitcher of beverage. That was bliss.

*smile* We used to go down to the (Miss Hulling's) cafeteria too. I'd heard that Miss Hullings was gone, but after 10 years gone from town I'd settle for a frozen one from Schnucks just for the essence of the real stuff.

Drewes... I can remember those hot, humid August nights when we'd drive down and stand in the line around the tiny building and down the block to grab a concrete from the little window, and then sit on the hood of the car with our prizes. This was back in the day when there were only two Drewes and they closed for the winter. I was a pretty popular kid the years I stocked our big chest freezer with concretes for the winter, carefully hauled home in big ice chests. Strawberry chocolate chip was my favorite.

I also miss... sliders! Sometimes you just had to grab a big bag of sliders (double cheeseburgers), some cheese fries, and a Coke *grin* It was no good to go out to the 'new' ones in the County (even that's where we lived) 'cause they were too slean and cleaned the grill too often - had to head east a bit to the White Castles where everything was bolted to the floor, the cops hung out, and they used the right amount of onions on the grill.

*sigh* I don't miss much about St. Louis, but I sure do miss some of the food.

-the redhead-
...damnit! Where did that drool bucket go?...
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