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15 January 2005 @ 09:43 pm
Sundries from the last couple of weeks  
- Had to have smaller size of cute sale slacks sent from other store. Go me!

- Pilates update: Kicked ass. Had a very good rehab session, esp. nice after last weekend's pain and spasming. We identified that a certain new exercise plus a bit of overachieving caused the problem, so now that everything is settled down it's a simple case of 'if it hurts, don't do it'. Until last weekend I had forgotten just how much my neck could hurt. Abs looking V. tight.

- Got the good news at work - we are moving over to the 'new' building, and will no longer have to be in earshot of the barker. V. relieved. We were all trying so hard to be professional, rather than cheering, when the VP told us it was almost comical. As a completely surprising side benefit, I also get an *office* with a window *grin* V. good. The big move should hopefully be in early March. Now soliciting Monet & Ansel Adams artwork to glorify said new space - I'll have to see what my current faves are.

- It's going to be cold in Boston next week(end). Ah well, wasn't planning on going out much anyway. Must pack.

- Traveling to DC for work in Feb. In asking around, it seems that some of the locals would like to get together, so it looks like I get to meet some new people on Friday night. Still have to hammer out the exact details, but there looks to be several folks interested in meeting for a beer and a bite. Should be V. fun.

- I'm considering doing some mini-triathlons next summer. Sue at work, who is looking really great after losing so much weight, mentioned that she is going to do so last week. Thank goodness we have a couple of resident triathletes at work. I'm sure that Leslie will be amused by the voicemail asking her if she would teach me how to swim.

- Still the prettiest.

-the redhead-