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25 January 2005 @ 08:03 pm
Made it throught the day  
After a couple of hours of sleep I went to work and powered through the day. Quite productively, actually. Got some money in the door, got a great deal of work off my desk, wasn't even measurably cranky according to the folks at work. Perhaps even a little extra nice to a few of my well behaved customers, who appreciated my generosity today.

I even went to Pilates tonight, more out of habit than anything else I think. Tuesday Autopilot. A good thing, as I've had that sound and a serious headache buzzing around in my head all day.

Now I'm too exhausted to eat - time for bed.

When the wind was wild
And stole your breath
And you thought that you had nothing left
You made it through
You found your way

-the redhead-