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Random poly musings

poly thoughts resulting from the this past weekend...
- what is 'family'
- is there a difference between biological family and family of choice?
- who is family?
- should/do other people in your immediate family (traditional sense of the term here) accept others that you have so designated as family too?
- poly panels & conferences seem to be all about partnered (married, triads, living together) people.
- most of the questions and panels focus on addressing primary relationships
- leader of advanced poly panel said 'I'm busy writing down topic ideas - marriage, children, threesoms, scheduling, mortgages, finances...'
- Poly Living conference is pretty much the same - they have things that focus on sexuality (Tantra, sacred sexuality, cuddle parties, etc.), poly + other alternative lifestyles (TPE, BD/SM, etc.), threesomes, Poly and the Law (focusing on children & primary type relationship agreements) and poly parenting.
- what about secondaries? what about single polys? There never seems to be a focus on them, but rather everything seems to grow out of 'how does it affect the primary relationship?' We have a valid points of view, issues, and concerns too!
- aren't the singles for the most part where the 'fresh meat' comes from? So why is one side of the coin so much more important in everyone's mind than the other side?

Must post more things in LJ poly community & PMM.

-the redhead-
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