-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Oversensitive much?

Background: Someone (not the originator) had posted to a thread using the word 'shibboleth' – completely correctly, even. I was pleased (to say the least) and posted in return to them (having nothing to do with the thread topic, but that happens often in this particular forum (PMM)):


I love you J*******!

-la belle rousse-

Subsequently, I received from the originator of the thread the following private missive:

Hi, I am a bit curious about your response in my thread. Why even go there, unless to provide some insight or worthwhile feedback? An explination (sic) of your comment mentioned would have sufficed. Am I wrong in thinking you are a bit aloof? Sure seems that way. Most people here that I have sent a quick notes asking to get better acquainted respond in a friendly manner. What's up with you? Do you think you are better than? (sic) C**


I’m sooooo temped to reply with:

Yes, thank you.

-the redhead-
...must not fall prey to easy temptations... must not be evil... sweet, innocent, harmless, and demure...
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