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On being a friend and other things

Had a couple of interesting conversations today.


One of them with my new roommate was on being (becoming) a friend.

Generally this is considered to be a good thing. Friends are... goodness. Some might say necessary. People to share things with - time, fun, cares, worries, beers, etc...

But when is enough enough? Why can 'a good thing' become so damned frustrating? Is it wrong to not want to bother with it when you really want more? Are their times when it's reasonable to not want to put the time and effort into making yet more friends (of whatever sex you are attracted to)? What do you do when you become permanently relegated to the box marked 'Friend Only'? Is there a fucking sign on my forehead that everyone but me can see? *grumble*

Well, at least I'm not the only person who grinds my teeth over the situation. I wonder if it's better to be everyone's big/little sister rather than 'the guy women cry on'. Maybe I do have a leg up on Rusty....

Food for thought...


The difference between real friends and friends of convenience is a whole 'nother interior debate.


Word usage. Properly interpreting intent. Average folks versus the intellectual elite. Concurrence encompassing specificity and wide-ranging meaning at the same instant versus commonly accepted translation. Intended Meaning versus Face Value.

The meaning of a word changes based simply on who speaks it. The nuance in intent of a single word can change the universe.

See, asking for clarification is a good thing. Possibilities and probabilities are just that until you open the lid - only then do you know the state of the cat.

-the redhead-

Advice for the day - 'You shouldn't torture an old broad that way. It's dangerous.'
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