-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

One of the things we had agreed on, that we had reaffirmed and decided specifically we would not do ever again was just dump everything because things were difficult at the moment, or said badly, or someone was tired or having a bad day, or whatever. Nothing just on the spur of the moment. We would always give whatever it was awhile to calm or be less immediate, to both give and take time to think about things, and we would *always* talk about it. This was important, knowing we had both been guilty of fleeing. It was to create some sense of security to nurture the love, to allow it to flourish, and to help get allay of some of the fear. To build a stronger foundation and allow the love and joy of the relationship to shine through too.

And that we would listen to what the other said with an open mind and really try to understand, so that things were said instead of being bottled up, so that we felt the freedom to speak.

We looked into each other's eyes with all that love and *promised* each other.


-the redhead-
Tags: chris, musings
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