-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Table for one, please

I managed to get food poisoning today. So I just spent about the last 12 hours miserably huddled on my small bathroom floor alternately dozing and being completely wretched. At least the linoleum was cool.

Yanno, it sucks to be alone, no matter how much some people enjoy complaining about their families. There was no one to check on me, no one to bring me a blanket when I was cold, there'll be no one to help me scrub the bathroom, not even a glass of water brought when I couldn’t get up. No one I felt comfortable calling. No one to care.

I think next week when some people once again complain that it's just sooo much hassle to load the dishwasher every night or that hubby didn't bring home the right kind of shampoo or he didn't bleach the whites or pick up dinner I am going to be hard pressed not to rip their throats out.

With my luck this will leave me vulnerable to different illnesses boss and coworker had last week that caused them to be out – wouldn't that be just dandy?

So much for my to-do list for the day – only got partway through. Hopefully I will feel better after a few hours sleep and be able to tackle some of those things before the weekend is out. This will teach me not to try out those brand new food places, I suppose.

Must try to drink some water. So tired. Time to sleep.

-the redhead-
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