-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

And the foundations of the world trembled

Today we have experienced the passing of a great man - a world leader who made truly significant changes to the face of worldwide society. He was an incredible man, honed by his experiences in WWII. A pope of his education, breadth of relevant experience and heart as well as a compelling depth to his personal faith, isn't easily replaced. Progressive is a word not often applied to the leader of the Chruch, but he was in many ways. He also brought an unprecedented humanity to the Papacy. At a time when the Catholic Church is grappling with tenets of its faith based on dated premises but lasting ideals, he represented the best of conservatively religious men.

Sure there were issues with which I disagreed with his position, and the actions of the Church. Several of them - rather significant things. I'm not a big church fan, having recovered from growing up a Roman Catholic schoolgirl.

One cannot, however, deny his impact as one of the most influential world leaders of modern times.

Requiescat in pace

-the redhead-
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