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11 April 2005 @ 06:57 pm
Something to celebrate!!  
Happy Office Day to me
Happy Office Day to me
Happy Office Day to meeeeeee
Happy Office Day to me!

We got moved finally. Between last week and this week it was a bit of a trial. Of course, they misplaced some of our stuff, so we had to go hunting. Not quite sure I ended up with some of the other people's stuff, but it all got sorted out eventually. Whoever decided we should have an open house the morning we were all trying to unpack was a bit silly, but everyone seemed to ignore it looking like a tornado had struck. The power going out for a couple of hours was an extra special treat. Fortunately since we have windows we could keep unpacking. Our team rocks, and we completely unpacked today. Office is beauuuutiful! I so deserve this!


-the redhead-