-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

No more Miss Nice Gal

Yanno, screw this nice, accepting, accommodating, reasonable crap. Since no one else seems to have a problem pissing and whining and demanding, which often means I get put at the end of the line, I'm just going to start asking for every single thing I might possibly want right when I want it. The whole ' I know I'm making you do this pain-in-the-ass thing and didn't give you any options, but since the other person asked afterward they get what you wanted but weren't given the alternative of' is bullshit.

Way to make a stress-filled, sucky week that much worse.

Funny thing, I was still nice, even when getting screwed. Apparently 'I really appreciate your flexibility' is supposed to make everything better.

I just want to go home and have someone hug me

-the redhead-
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