-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

This is why I'm glad I have the little Subaru Wagon

there is supposed to be mountains and brilliant blue skies in this picture

So, welcome to April in Boulder. After driving home from Ft. Collins in the snowstorm last night (it was the annual fiber sale - we had to go on expedition! Got lots of yummy stuff that normally wouldn't have been splurged upon. 35/35/30 merino/alpaca/silk! 50/50 alpaca/silk!!) we got about 8" overnight, and it's still snowing along.

The dirve into work in the snow, slush and ice was a little more exciting than usual, and took about twice as long. My Subaru was a good little car, and we chugged right along. Happily we did not join the many cars off the roads or involved in accidents.

It's *is* almost May, isn't it?

-the redhead-
Tags: colorado
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