-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

MSDW results - yeah!

One moment of bragging... This report just in:

"You are Teh Awesome.

Novelty Yarn - 1st Place (black beaded yarn)
Plied Yarn, Commercially Prepared Fiber - 2nd place (white plied yarn)

They didn't have all the skeins out on display - only the ones that
placed, apparently - so I didn't get to see your other skeins. But I
did get to see your two skeins listed above. They both looked


Not bad for only sending 5 skeins in 3 classes. This competition is a tough one - quite an honor to get some placings.

-the redhead-

Oh - and someone told me over the weekend he has a crush on me *beam*
Tags: ribbons, spinning
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