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I'm mystified - MD Sheep & Wool criteria or What is Novelty Yarn?

What is novelty yarn?

Here's the note I just submitted to one of the spinning lists in hopes of getting some clue:

I have a question re: the MD Sheep & Wool skein competition criteria that I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on. I'm a little mystified as to why one of my skeins wasn't judged at all. Is beaded yarn not a novelty style yarn? Or maybe I was mistaken in thinking that binder (sewing thread) is not acceptable under the MDSW guidelines? I ask this, because at every other competition I have entered such yarn it has definitely been considered novelty yarn. Also, I was wondering who the skein judge at MDSW was.


They did not even judge my black beaded skein. I got a little note back that says:

Very beautiful result, but as far as we can tell the beaded binder yarn was not constructed, so this is not a novelty spinning technique

I'm confused by this note. Both myself and my mentor (and several other judges) have considered creating a 2-ply binder (from the individual parts of beads and thread) S-spun, spinning a single S, and then plying everything together Z to definitely be a novelty yarn technique. Sooo what am I missing here?

The only other thought I came up with (based on 'as far as we can tell the beaded binder yarn was not constructed') is they, for some *crazy* reason, think that I purchased the 2-ply binder with beads already on it because it's somehow 'too good' to be hand-done? Which, I suppose, it pretty darned flattering, but still...

-the redhead-
...confused and somewhat disappointed...
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