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You know that game Perfection? Where there are all these different shaped pieces that only fit into certain corresponding spots on the game board, and if you don't get them all in there before the time runs out, the game board pops up and everything falls apart? Well, I know it sounds cheesy, but that's the closest thing I can think of to compare with my heart. Each person that comes in has a certain size and shape with a corresponding hole to fit into.

Some pieces are simple, like a square or triangle, that can fit in pretty much any way you turn them, and slide out just as easily. Then there are those whose pieces are so complicated and intricate that they only fit in one certain, special way, and you have to know the trick to get them in just right. But no matter how easily the pieces can come and go from their spots, the fact remains that their spot will still always be there. Others might come and try to fit into the slot, like a moon trying to slide into the circle's spot, but you can't trick the game board. It will know you're trying to fool it and just have to make another, new space for that moon to go. Because nobody could take the place in my heart of anyone that came into it and left a mark.
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