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21 August 2005 @ 10:56 pm
Spinning block  
I'm currently suffering from spinning block *sigh*

I had set aside time specifically for spinning this weekend. I have some lovely fiber here in the house, as well as having some upcoming competitions and SOAR and such to prepare for. I have some new techniques I want to try out. I had big, big plans.

Instead I resisted. I procrastinated. I cleaned, I vacuumed, I dusted, I organized. I labeled binders and washed fleece. I did laundry and wiped down the mirrors.

Everything but spinning.

Spinning block. Not good.

The question is why do I have such resistance, and what to do about it? I know it's not due to my hand hurting, 'cause it doesn't hurt all that much. Certainly not enough to avoid some work. And it's not that I *needed* to do all the housework I did today. Housework isn't a bad thing by any means, but things were already well in hand from last weekend.

Spinning block. Annoying.

So, I wasted a perfectly good weekend by not laying a hand on my fiber.


-the redhead-