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23 August 2005 @ 11:24 am
I am such a sheep...  
... and that 'Oh Pretty! Shiny!' gene doesn't help either...

So Connie called last night to tell me that she was on the fall Moosie list. 'Moosie list??' Turns out that the nice folks over at Bosworth make some very special spindles (which I knew), including some out of moose antler (which I didn't know). Sounds very cool. So we chat some about it, and I'm fine until she mentions the Mastodon Tusk Spindles *perk!*

Yannooooo, it was all over once I went to look at the spiffy spindles *sigh* So now I'm on the list for a Mastodon Tooth Spindle. 'cause that whole 'Oh Pretty! Shiny! Cool!' collecting thing kicked in.

I don't even like to drop spin.

Baaaaah, baaaaah...

-the redhead in sheep's clothing-