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25 September 2005 @ 11:53 pm
I realize that all I needed
was for you to say
you were sorry
and that the lies that held you
were your mirror's own

I didn't really need you
back in my life
not as a
or an enemy
or a casual acquaintance
I needed you to say,
"I'm sorry"
and "you caught me"
or maybe even ...
"I shouldn't have lied, and hurt you"


your inability
to call a spade
a spade
locks the doors on the house
that I refuse to reenter.

when I miss you,
I peek through the windows
or listen at the door
for some sign
that you,
at least,
miss me

But the locks hold tight
like the grasp in which you held me
(once upon a time)
and I won't allow myself
to unlock the doors
of the home that lies built.

~Saul Williams

-la belle rousse-