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Egocentrics annoy me - tho occasionally they are so out there as to be amusing

Had an interesting interaction this evening with one of the aforementioned egocentric narcissists. This individual had thrown a childishly public fit, complete with name calling, over at PMM as his last act before flouncing off in a snit most of a year ago.

The backstory is that I had very carefully not directly interacted with said individual either privately or in public PMM forums for *over* 9 months preceeding to their little scene. Prior to that we had butted heads over various trivial things, mostly caused because I was not going along with the plan that I devote all of the time and effort to travel and visit as a part of the 'You should come see us' plan of life. No reciprocity was involved or implied. So sorry, that doesn't fly with me. If one wants to meet/speak with me then they can come to me. Hanging my refusal to expend all the time, effort, and resources for traveling to meet someone who has made no efforts to redistribute the resources equitably doesn't work with me.

So a portion of their parting words (they really did stamp their little feet a bit) on PMM were:

Oh fuck this benevolent shit. ( ... yeah I know, ya’all are thinkin “ That! was benevolent??! “ .. lol ... but now I’m gonna get preachy and *really* direct. Cause I see it as my last chance ... for those of you that have a problem with balls out honesty { at least My brand}, I wouldn’t read this next part, cause there needs to be a little wake up call here to a few & you’ll just be offended ... put on your little bunny earmuffs now ... oh .. that was offensive, wasn’t it ... told ya) theredhead .. quit thinkin your shit is perfumed. It’s not. You’re a great person. I know cause I’ve talked to you on the phone! I enjoyed that 2.5 hour conversation. It was a good talk. So why do you act like a hoity toity bitch in here? It just doesn’t make sense. Get your nose outta the air before it rains. If not. You’ll drown.

After which they flounced off... *flounce* *flounce* *flounce*

So this evening, after ~9-10 months wherein this person had been gone or not speaking to me they private message me in the chat (ed - I'd been socially polite and engaged in that chit chat stuff with the individual in the room as a whole, all sort of chatting)

Privately Snow says: (2005-9-6 18:35:38)
so ... you still really mad at me?

(ed - so now I'm thinking WTF???)

theredhead says to Snow (private): (2005-9-6 18:36:43)
no worries - I would never dream of bothering you any further than socially polite chit chat.

Snow says: (2005-9-6 18:41:12)
well, I'm not going to apologize because at the time I felt I was right on ... I don't think you're the least desirable ... matter of fact, for the longest time, I thought you were the most desirable. Now I just think, you are desirable. But you seem to be very andry. I wasn'r recognizing that until it was pointed out to me.
Snow says: (2005-9-6 18:41:46)
andry=angry ..... *typing in the failing light

theredhead says to Snow (private): (2005-9-6 18:43:42)
oh yes, well certain people have their own opinions, which are usually quite wrong *shrug* their loss

Snow says: (2005-9-6 18:47:32)
I dunno red ... sometimes I think people might appreciate a wake up call ... ( then I realize that people don't *really* want to know how they're affecting others .... and that ... is truly where the loss is )

theredhead says to Snow (private): (2005-9-6 18:53:33)
no worries snow - I, and many others, understood your opinion loud and clear. So no need to feel obligated to be civil or speak to me. As for a 'wake up call', that's amusing considering you do not know me at all. I'm not worried about how I 'affect' those with whom I have no meaningful interaction any more than you seem to be

Snow says: (2005-9-6 18:57:50)
oh well ... this only proves my point .... that you obviously missed .... Yunno. I like to think that I'm pretty easy to understand. That my motives are clear to people. But that ain't the way of it ... oh well ... my intent is good .. my delivery sux ... *shruggz*

So, let me get this straight - someone who publicly attacked me for no reason in a big fit and who refuses to apologize for or back down from those opinions and actions EXPECTS ME TO BE NICE TO THEM AND FLIRT OR INTERACT WITH THEM??? What am I missing here?

-the HTB-
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