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06 October 2005 @ 02:27 pm
Dentist dentist dentist...  
*sigh* Getting so tired of going to the dentist.

What started out as my normal 6 month cleaning has turned into a huge saga. I oh-so-innocently went for my appointment with the tech & regular checkup. Had a bit of a tooth twinge for about a month, but since I had an appointment I just waited until then. Cleaning went fine, but x-ray shows possible crack in old filling. Poking & prodding & owwiness commence – poke poke 'Does that hurt? Yes! Result is that filling is indeed cracked. Having started appointment at 4 pm, by this time it's too late to do anything about it. Come back day after tomorrow for crown mold. Here are some nice Vicodin for the toothache.

Day after tomorrow arrives, go to dentist. I deserved a gold star 'cause I was so good about the initial crown fitting. Drove over, went in, joked with staff, had drilly pokey things done, tooth prepped & mold made, came home all on my own. No Valium today, just some gas and lots of shots (ow!)

Doesn't seem like much, but until only a few years ago I was completely phobic about the dentist, having been tortured by an ex military dentist as a child. When I asked 'do you have rope or should I bring my own?' it wasn't a joke, and I regularly made it all the way out of the office under the influence of enough Valium for a linebacker 3 times my body weight during procedures. The rule was once I started moving they needed to all step out of the way – that way no one got hurt.

Of course, it's odd to have the entire left side of my head numb, but that passed eventually.

Temporary ends up being too tall (very hard to tell when one's head is asleep), have to go back next morning for more fiddling. Get that fixed, but warned not to chew on plastic temporary with my Rottweiler jaws. Crown will take 2 weeks, come back then.

2 weeks pass, Wednesday appointment for crown fitting comes 'round. Decide that last time went well without happy pills, so going to be brave again this time. Get there get gassed, have the big shotfest, temporary is glued on too well. Yank, yank, yank, need to cut it off. Oh well, not huge deal as they are going to put shiny new crown on, right? Dr. points I am doing great and haven't gotten tense even once. She pays very close attention to whether I am getting tense or not for self preservation purposes. Go through all the fiddling and fitting, get near end, find out that porcelain in one spot is too thin and metal has come through when ground down to match old bite *sigh* Need to send it back to have porcelain restacked (?). Since all fitting stuff has already been done, it should be just a short process to just stick it on once it comes back. In mean time must go through molding process again to make new temp. This whole thing take over an hour. Will put rush on crown, come back next week. Is very spooky when left eyeball is asleep.

Once again need to go back next morning to adjust temp. Thinking I should get my own parking space at dentist office.

Saturday morning discover I have chewed a small hole in plastic temp – ow! Debate calling dentist for emergency repair. Remember I have tubes of 5 minute epoxy, mix some up, fill hole. Vicodin helps, everything is fine by evening. Feel all smart for coping.

Yesterday rolls around, time to get refinished crown put on. To avoid having to go back *again* and because I've been so calm throughout this thing, tell dentist (who I still think it best dentist ever) that she can go ahead and do it without any anesthesia since the other fitting stuff was already done. It should be an easy off & on. That way we will be able to adjust the fit right away. Dr asks twice if I'm sure b/c she knows awful it used to be for me, but agrees it would simplify procedure. Tells me I am being brave. I'm cool with it, let her put scary pointy and pliers things in my mouth to poke & yank. She removes temp no problem, tries to pop crown on. It doesn't fit!! *sigh* Try to cram it on, still does not fit right. Take more cool digital x-rays. Nope, doesn't fit – big gap. Crown creator who happens to be in office delivering stuff comes over, they stare at x-rays from previous week & yesterday. Gee, that isn't right. There should be no change in crown other than new porcelain. But apparently when porcelain was fixed up crown might have been heated just a bit too much, causing metal base to change slightly. Things beginning to hurt from poking & prodding & cramming. Am getting a bit emotional by this point, but suck it up and try to laugh it off. Dr. apologizing profusely at this point, crown maker disappears pretty fast. Must make & put on yet another temp, which requires getting numbed up. So gas and another round of fun fun giant injections with huge needle. Am trying to just be calm at this point, so as not to drag out afternoon any longer. Take new mold, make new temp, stick it on. Dr. apologizes some more. Have been there for hour and a half. Do I want to come back next Tuesday? Explain to nice Dr. that I think I need a bit of a break, so how about next Friday instead.

Go home, so exhausted & painful must skip weaving class. Half of head still asleep for several hours. Then it hurts - no wonder between the work and all the injections over the past 4 weeks. No fucking way I am going to let myself cry at this point. Take nap.

Went back this morning to let them fuck with it some more so I don't have to worry when I am back east this weekend. Think they should send a limo for me next week.

BP was up to 110/70 yesterday. This has all been far, far too much for the gal who used to be so terrified.

I just want a hug.

-the redhead-
Bill the bold bosthoonwcg on October 6th, 2005 08:27 pm (UTC)

(Hey, 110/70 looks *real* good to me right now.)
-the redhead-theredhead on October 13th, 2005 07:18 am (UTC)

I'm glad to hear (read) that you are doing better in the BP arena. I was concerned to hear about your problems. Other than medication, what other sorts of things do the medicos have you doing?

Since my normal BP is in the 95/60 range, I was up a bit.

-the redhead-
Bill the bold bosthoonwcg on October 13th, 2005 12:16 pm (UTC)
My doctor gave me three prescriptions and told me to lose a little weight. No special diet or anything. He seems to think (as do I) that this is mostly stress related, and that I'm going to have to deal with it via medication until I'm able to retire.
-the redhead-theredhead on October 13th, 2005 06:38 pm (UTC)
Have you considered some sort of exercise program? Even getting out for a half hour walk every day will help your BP - and is a great excuse to get out of the office or a bit *smile*

-the redhead-
Bill the bold bosthoonwcg on October 13th, 2005 06:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've been making a point of getting out for more walks. It's hard to do from work, since we have a stupid security system that makes going outside a minor pain in the butt. But I do go out and walk around the neighborhood at night.
-the redhead-theredhead on October 13th, 2005 06:53 pm (UTC)
Good. I know that both feel and do better when I get out for my power walks. Sadly with everything having gone on for the last few weeks and having been out of town I have missed them. Not good at a time when my stress is quite high - must get back to it. I'll tell you about my walks if you tell me about yours?

-the redhead-
Bill the bold bosthoonwcg on October 14th, 2005 03:21 pm (UTC)
I would like that! Today's account would be: Walked from car to HQ building in rain, crossing the rain slick parking lot.

However, there's hope the rain will go away later today, and I'll be able to give you something more.

Do you want to exchange these accounts in LJ posts? Or would you prefer e-mail? (E-mail seems a better medium for me.)