-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Trip gone bad

I spent 4.5 hours at the airport yesterday. Waiting for my 'ride' to this event. The airport in Albany, NY. Where all the food places are in the other side of the security checkpoint, so the whole not being able to get anything to eat thing was a real problem. 'cause yanno, hypoglycemia isn't a problem. Sitting. Stuck in an airport thousands of miles away from home because I was stupid enough to trust someone to do something as simple as pick me up. Just another example of why not to trust people. Not really having much useful communication from my supposed 'ride'. Certain people, namely my ride, didn't really see this as a problem, apparently. *sigh*

Yes, I managed not to get too upset, tho I did engage in 10 minutes of what I think was well warranted venting during that 4.5 hour period. Not to my ride. When I did talk to them they really didn't seem to have much to say on the topic. I didn't even get a hug when they finally (!) showed up. But apparently their 'awful drive' merits all sorts of soothing and hand holding. I'm supposed to be fine, so there was no effort to make me feel any better.

I could have taken the offer for the free round trip ticket to give up my spot on *either* flight I took and just shown up later, but thought it would have been impolite as people had already made plans to come and get me. Ironically, if I had done so I would have arrived only half an hour later that they finally showed up.

I already want to go home, but am stuck until Monday. Somehow I don't see this whole thing getting any better. But it's okay - I brought my knitting.

Not to self - taking chances just doesn't work out.

-the redhead-
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