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10 November 2005 @ 03:16 pm
Brief SOAR update & spinningfiber Handspun competition  
Hey guys! Just a really brief SOAR update. In short, my brain is full and I'm exhausted - and it's only Thursday afternoon. My 3 day workshop with Deb Menz was fabulous!. I used more color in three days than I have in years, and have a ton of very colorful batts and roving to show for it, as well as too many ideas to fit in my head at one time. Still 2 more days of retreat classes to go. Hanging around with all these fiber people, spinning and talking every night have been so much fun.

So, I hope that all y'all are already thinking about skeins to send to the competition, as one of the biggest things I have been talking about is you - the spinningfiber community and all of the wonderful new and not so new spinners here. How we all try to support each other, share information and resources, help out those who don't have access to a big local guild, teach each other, do little group projects, etc. One of the things I have to do to complete my scholarship requirements is some sort of 'community' project and then write up a report/article which I will send into the SOAR scholarship committee (and which will be published in some form in Spin-Off magazine). The 2006 Spinningfiber Handspun Competition has become one of the projects I want to 'report in' about. I've been talking to alot of people here about it, and as a result some very generous people have offered to donate prizes - Deb Menz (books = Color in Spinning & Colorworks - http://www.debmenz.com/), John Jenkins from Magpie WoodWorks, Shirley the owner of Lambspun (check out their fibers - http://www.lambspun.com/) and several other folks whom I've had the good fortune to meet and chat with over the past few days. Lots of people want to help out and make this a success - so start working on those skeins!

Quotes for the week - (said suggestively) "Can I touch your yak?", "Don't be so anal, just eyeball it.", (said with a completely straight face) "Excuse me, can I grope you?", "Black is *not* a color.", "If I can carry it, I'm allowed to buy it.", "Drum carder bites aren't fatal, just annoying."

Okay, nap time...

-the very tired redhead-