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How do I slave a laptop drive?

I am the not-so-proud owner of a dead laptop. It's not giving me any love at all *sniff*

So, of course it has all my important junk on there, most notably my email programs/archives/address book. Other stuff such as pictures & documents as well, but I've discovered that I haven't memorized everyone's email address. Good thing my mom's phone number is saved in my phone...

I was aware enough to have my entire drive mirrored to another a couple of months ago, so I have a reasonable recent complete backup. So the first thing I need to figure out how to do is get the data from the backup drive onto a computer I can use - slave the drive? I'm also hoping (!) that I can also pull the most recent data off the regular drive too - which has pictures and everything regarding and after the Vermont weekend and after that on it *sigh*

Is there an easy way to do this slaving thing? I already pulled the drive out of the dead machine and tried swapping it into another machine, but that didn't work - it wouldn't boot. I'm thinking that has to do with the fact that they are different kinds of machines (IBM & Dell)? Or maybe that they have different versions of the OS on them? Tho if the OS is on the drive, why would that matter? I'm also thinking that I need some special cable to slave it with?

Then there's the whole thing about figuring out what is wrong with the ThinkPad. It took a bit of a bump when I was knocked down by the guy with skis at the airport. I have no idea how to begin to diagnose it.

So, I've tried to figure this stuff out for myself, but have only gotten this far and am basically in way over my head. I *should* be smart enough to fix the darned thing, or at least get my data or something. It's all very frustrating. I'd be better at stitching myself up - at least I've got a clue and done that before.

Then there's the whole finding a new laptop I can afford if that one has truly given up the ghost - got any suggestions?

-the redhead-
...resisting the urge to just throw the darned thing out the window...
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