-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

At least they have decent taste in music

I will honestly admit that this is the sort of thing I normally don't appreciate. I think that extensive holiday lights are silly & wasteful. I surely wouldn't want to pay their utility bill in these times of such high costs. Usually I find such singing & dancing displays garishly over done and in bad taste, for the most part. Whatever happened to some nice, subdued lighting that went up after Thanksgiving and came down right after New Years? I'd be willing to bet that some of their immediate neighbors (and the people who live on their street) find this incredibly annoying between the noise, the light show, and the traffic.

That all said, I found this one to be kind of cool. At least they have decent taste in music.

-the redheaded grinch-
Tags: humor
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