-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

The 'I've never seen...' argument & laugh for the day

'I've never seen __ and therefore __ is not a good idea/doesn't work/is stupid/you are an idiot' defense is so common these days - and quite wearisome. This is not a convincing argument to me, in large part because it tends to be used by people with a fairly small scope of experience.

Just because YOU haven't seen/heard/read/experienced it does not mean it's not true. Maybe it just means you aren't as educated or experienced as you'd like to think you are. Or that you're a polemic.

Laugh for the day - 'if my vet says he's never seen navicular treated successfully by aromatherapy...'

-the redhead-
Tags: humor, musings
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