-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

HTML, CSS editor, & Photoshop help needed

Okay, so I need to create a website for someone, and am looking for free HTML & CSS editor suggestions. Apparently my old old version of HomeSite doesn't like XP. Also, my designing & coding experience is from pre-CSS days, so tips and tricks would be appreciated. I used t just hardcode everything, so this newfangled stuff is a little different. I'm having fun looking at the template sites. Oh, and I want do do drop-down menus. And frames too - is that still done the same way?

I got about 2 days to get this figured out and finish this up.

-the redhead-

PS - in Photoshop, how do I copy a chunk of an image, widen the image with blank space, then stick the copied chunk back in (effectively widening the image by sticking another piece of the middle in it)? Do I need to do this with a .pst file as opposed to a GIF? I messed around with that slice thing, but it sure didn't do what I wanted it to.
Tags: geeky
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