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More notes to self

- electronic communication is... stupid for other than work type information and 'hi, how are you?' type of stuff. Remember these limitations.

- remember that people rarely mean what they say, and that mostly they are just... something (?). So don't take it seriously - it's really only idle chitchat. It's like someone asking 'How are you?' Just smile politely at the quip and move on. How many people have said 'If I were there...' but what do you have? See, I know this but occasionally forget.

- people aren't as careful with words as I am, so it doesn't really mean anything (see above). Nor do they tend to consider how those words might be construed. Goes back to the Face Value versus Intended Meaning argument.

- don't be too harsh regarding not giving people the benefit of the doubt. But keep your own self-interest in mind too. It's a fine line to walk.

- three shall now be the magic number. Maybe four or five. Twice isn't enough anymore. Kinda sad but a better measure. Tho for some people repeating/asking something 3 times (or 4 or 5 - ref. Mom) doesn't really mean anything either.

- always Always ALWAYS ask people exactly what they mean by something if there is a question. It might make for cumbersome conversation and isn't very 'cute' or 'charming' or 'graceful' or whatever, but is safer.

- always err on the side of caution. I know this one as well, but it's another one that is easy to forget.

- be the Ice Princess - less disappointment that way. Self-reliance is goodness.

- if you make a fool of yourself, retreat. If others makes fools of themselves, try to ignore it.

- people rarely mentally reference previous communication while saying whatever they are saying, so don't factor any of that into the equation. Think in the moment only. Previous words don't count.

- remember that people as a whole are selfish and think mostly in terms of themselves. It's okay to do that for yourself too.

- poeple will mostly only do that which is convenient for them.

More to come...

-the redhead-
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