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13 January 2006 @ 12:28 pm
Goals for the new year  
- Find a job – one that I will *like*. Of course, that also means working on the darned resume*shudder* which is still too much of a CV than a resume. Also have to find a *real* recruiter.

- Be tougher and more pragmatic.

- Get back to Pilates when I can afford it.

- Explore and grow in both my established and new artistic endeavors. This includes writing articles for national magazine. Maybe take some classes. Win some more competitions.

- Work at finding a relationship that has the potential of growing into something committed and fully involved. I still have no attraction for the bar scene - people I know point towards Match.com & speed dating (?). One of them swears by eHarmony, but the impression I get from their commercials is that I’m not christian enough ;)

- Not be involved with those who want/expect more than they will give.

- Get back in the saddle, even if it’s just a little bit.

- Sleep better.

- Win the lotto ;)

-the redhead-