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Old friends, trust, & offers

Had a very interesting conversation today. Quite recently I've run into an old friend that I had lost touch with for many years. This is someone who I was fairly close to for a good number of years. Someone who knew me back when I was 18, and onward.

First off, it has been a pleasure to be back in touch with them *smile* This was a person that I actually bothered to be friends with, so had made the smart and intelligent bars long ago. And had backed up the friendship over the years. A friendship which had endured the highs and lows for both of us at various times.

So last night we got to chatting a bit, and as this person was a real friend, I let down my guard a little and talked about about my job search and how things were tough. Most people only get the 'I'm fine' stuff, because they are really only interested in themselves. Out of the blue, he offered to stake me for a new business if I wanted. He has always been independently wealthly, so that was nothing new to me. I took it as an encouragement of the 'if I win the lotto kind'. In the spirit of casual conversation, nothing more. I didn't really give it a second thought. The most important thing was just to be talking with each other *smile* So we talked about what he had been up to, his house, his new hobby of antiquarian books anad manuscripts, yadda.

Today we got to speak on the phone, and he reiterated his offer - he was really serious. Wow - I was deeply honored and flattered that he would make such an offer. This is not a someone who tosses money away with no thought, nor invests in losing enterprises. He's been burned too many times by 'friends' in the past.

I think that most people would jump at such a chance, without much thought for whether there would be a real profit for the investor in the end. I mean, here's soemone offering what amounts to a big wad of cash. There's that whole thing about being responsible and such. Not screwing over or dropping your friends in a hole. To me, such a thing would only be reasonable if I could guarantee a signficant return on investment. I mean, this is a friend, not just a bank handing out money or something. He encouraged me several times to consider it and get back to him. I would never consider accepting such an offer unless I had something solid and worthwhile to give in return, which I pointed out. We then joked about how I've never been good at accepting help *smile* I told him if I was still stuck with PB&Js in a couple more weeks I would let him buy me lunch ;)

But I will think about some sort of business plan for something along with everything else...

It's nice to reconnect with those people in life who accept and respect one for who they are. It's good to know people have faith.

-the redhead-
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