-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Once again...

... L**** has managed to run over me verbally because he *has* to be right and he *has* to have the last word. '...na na na na na Just do it.'

Wrong thing to say to me right now. Wrong thing to say to me after not offering to lift a bloody finger to help me move. Wrong thing to say to me after not having even bothered to call and see how I was for over a week. Wrong thing to say to me after starting the conversation with 'I wondered if you were still alive'. And then he wants to get on me and *tell* me what to do because someone else happened to mention something to him?? Wrong thing to do.

Yes, I hung up on him. He deserved it.

And if I hang up on someone they sure and shit should *not* call back and try to bitch me out about it and still refuse to acknowledge that they were wrong. I also should not have to say 'I'm at work, I need to go now. If you care to ring me up we can discuss this another time.' more than once. The proper response it to agree and exchange farewells. It is *not* to continue arguing. Yes, I *will* hang up on your mouthy ass a second time. I will *not* be harangued and treated like a child.

I think it's time to end our SCA relationship. Which should have been a relationship of equals, but has never seemed to work out that way *frown*

Sad really, because I had briefly called to invite him over to see the new place. Because I was excited about it. Because I wanted to share with someone. Because I wanted to show off a little.

So now I'm in a mood.

Unfortunately some people are just too clueless to realize that they shouldn't push me. So they will get very polite answers that they do not want to hear.

Bring it *glare*

-the redhead-

Note to self: wear a coat on the days it is supposed to snow, no matter how nice it is in the morning.
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