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The Year of Fiber

Fiber reduction, that is.

I have enough fiber. *gasp* *waits for lightening to strike*

Knitting & spinning will take place solely from my stash this year.


- Weaving yarn purchases still allowed. Must use the new loom this year. There is no way I can spin fast enough to keep up with my weaving, as weaving yarn is purchased by the pound. Must, however, use up the very small (okay, so ‘small’ is a relative concept…) weaving yarn stash first. Which will be easy, as there’s only enough for 5 or 6 scarves and a small throw in there.

- Sock yarn for use in sock knitting machine still allowed. I can crank way faster than I can spin. Must learn to use darned machines first.

- 4 oz. of cream and 4 oz. brown Mongolian cashmere

- 16 oz of 50/50 tussah/cashmere from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks – 8 oz to be named later (Sagebrush and African Savannah are the current front runners) and 8 oz Iris (purples – scary!).

- Fiber & related gifts are exempt.

- Blending fiber purchases are acceptable if used in conjunction with stash fiber.

- Purchases under extraordinary circumstances (say, quiviut for $10/ounce or some such) are allowed with the permission of two professionals.

My current idle time knitting project qualifies. Black mohair with copper metallic eyelash scarf in progress:

I’m also planning a hat and mittens in the same combo.

-the redhead-
Tags: knitting, spinning, weaving, yarn
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