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I want this

Lorna Meaden teapot from Red Lodge Clay Center. Had a nice chat with the gallery director, Anthony, today. He says it's a lovely piece. Of course he said so, but in this case it really is. I prefer her 'plainer' pieces over her more popular diamond stuff, which doesn't do a lot for me. Another example of being picky discerning...

What I *need* is a timing belt for my car. Which is what I'll be saving for, of course. But it's nice to look at the pretty things.

It's funny - I listen to some of the guys I work with talk about the stuff they spend $$$ on. Going out to bars, sports game tickets, cases of beer for their parties. Video games. Cigs. And then they complain they have no money? For what they spend in a week I can buy a nice cup or small bowl. With a month of their spending I could afford this piece. This collecting thing is better than the feckless spending they indulge in - at least I have something nice to show for it, which may appreciate in value.

-the redhead-
Tags: ceramics, musings
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