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The Black Sheep Diaries

Preface: I am a spinner with a bad attitude. B A D spinner. No cookie! Because I don’t like to drop spin. It’s more along the lines of loath and despise, really. Nonetheless, it’s an ability I should improve. Because my mad dr0p spind1e skilz should be up to the level of my wheel magic.

I own several gorgeous spindles – which I bought because they’re pretty. Normally I’m content to appreciate their inherent beauty. They don’t see much use. I have a couple of Greensleeves, a Cascade, I’m on the Journey Mammoth Tooth list. Then there’s my Taos prize spindle, won over some stiff competition a couple of years ago. The last time I made a real effort to drop spin. I thought it was a joke when my companion in crime called me from Raton pass with the results. She must have been pulling my leg, right? My sekret was out.

Instead, I drop spin because I should. It builds character. It makes me a better fiber artist. I should set an example. Because those local gals BULLY me.

This is a year I must do some drop spindle skeins. Somehow I promised the leader of the spindle pack I would do so – I must have been under the influence of quiviut or something. Not only would I drop spin some skeins, but I would also enter them. It was a moment of sheer madness. My prize was to be a candy bar.

I’ve been drop spinning for about 3 weeks now. I’ve set myself a rigorous schedule of time to spindle every day because I know otherwise it won’t happen. Only 3 month ‘till Estes, yanno. This is all sort of like dieting, only worse. It takes a lot more effort to pick up the spindle every day than to pass by the chocolate.

Did I choose something easy? I think we all know the answer to that – of course not! I chose a gorgeous foresty green 1/3 yak, 1/3 bombyx, 1/3 merino blend. Which wanted to be something beautiful and light to show off the sheen of the silk and the softness of the yak. I’ve ended up in my worst nightmare – drop spinning laceweight.

Since the Madame holds my promise, she gets to share the pain. Hence, the email exchange known as The Black Sheep Diaries.

3/12/07 11:30 am (having spindled for 2 weeks)

Dear Madame-

- spindled this weekend.

- dropped spindle on foot twice. Ow!

- have too many bits I've ripped off on floor by couch.

- only have 1/4 ounce done so far.

- this is going to take forever.

- hate spindle.

- hate yak.

Love and kisses,

-the black sheep-

Dearest little black sheep,

Ow. I say spindle goes in the corner for a bit, but how can you hate yaks:
http://www.yampayaks.com/sale.html (scroll down a bit to see the weaned

Spindling will get better, I promise.
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