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The Black Sheep Diaries, con't

3/13/07 1:40 pm

Dear Madame -

- spindled last night for 20 mins (saved by Mom calling!)

- didn't drop the spindle at all - go me!

- might be able to get more into it if we had cute baby yaks. We are
going to keep them at your house, right?

-the black sheep-

Hurray, little black sheep! Guild tonight is Nancy Bush, 7pm. She's showing slides from Estonia (surprise!). You & your spindle should come, too.

More stuff: did you know there was a lace knitting conference next month in Denver? http://www.milehighlaceknitting.com/ Nancy's teaching an all day class that looks good (of course it's on the Friday). Margaret Stove (Margaret Stove!) is the keynote speaker, Joan Schrouder is teaching, Donna Druchunas is teaching, and so is Galina.

4:05 pm

Dear Madame -

- can't come tonight, have a previous engagement

- you are evil - I've already printed out all the lace knitting stuff.
Can only come in the evenings and weekend as I will be out of town for
5 days the week/end before.

- am now thinking that if I'm going to the trouble, might as well spin
enough to make something (I have 4 ounces) - you are EVIL!!

- it will take me all summer to do 4 ounces 20 mins at a time

- may need more than a candy bar as a prize

- drooling over lace knitting conf.

- you are evil

-the black sheep-

9:30 pm

Dear Madame -

- you are a bad, bad influence on me.

- I should have come tonight, my other engagement was less than inspiring

- can't spindle in public, that would jinx it

Love and kisses

-the black sheep-
Tags: black sheep diaries, humor, spinning
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