-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

The Black Sheep Diaries, con't

3/15/07 2:30 pm

Dear Madame -

- didn't spindle Tues night.

- last night spindled twice for 15 mins

- got too thin, broke thread twice

- silk makes it easier to spin yak

- only have 1/3 ounce done

- good thing I have 3 more months to get skein done

- haven't worked on the merino

- will definitely need more than 1 candy bar as prize - maybe 2 candy bars.

As ever, I remain

-the black sheep-

Dearest little black sheep,

I think I might even be able to come up with good chocolate for you. I'm very proud.

Madame Evil
Tags: black sheep diaries, humor, spinning
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