-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

The Black Sheep Diaries, con't

3/19/07 4:10 pm

Dear Madame Evil-

- managed to get 5 drop spindle sessions in over weekend.

- did I mention this is taking forever?

- think I made it up over half an ounce, in only 3 weeks - go me!

- had to take completed yarn off spindle, as things were not so good
with the weight

- only broke once when transferring to storage bobbin

- got to practice my splicing

- if it works out okay as singles I'm totally ditching the plying thing

- probably need to start Taos skein soon, may take all summer

-the black sheep-

Dearest little black sheep,

Go you!

Think about everything you've learned so far: weight of spindle, wpi of yarn and fiber being spun all matter when you're spindling; splicing is a nifty trick; patience may not be your strong suit (a/k/a singles may not be so bad after all!).

Madame Evil
Tags: black sheep diaries, humor, spinning
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