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The Black Sheep Diaries, con't

3/23/07 10:00 am

Dearest Madame -

- I continue to spin my allotted amount per day... mostly

- have been procrastinating by combing alpaca, merino, & rambouillet. Most people think that's craziness

- no drop spinning on Wed (see above)

- I seem to have gotten into the zone. Maybe my mad sk1lz are getting better

- this yarn is definitely our definition of laceweight (not that wussy 30 wpi junk). It’s all your fault.

- am considering switching my drop spindle vs. wheel comparative project to local fiber - otherwise will never get Taos skein done

- how long does it take normal people to spin an ounce?

- glad the other kids are amused by my project. If they laugh, they must bring candy bars too. Funnel cake for breakfast at BCF is an acceptable substitute.

- did you tell them it's all your fault?

- funny comment from someone else in reference to silk making yak easier to spin "I now have a mental image of a yak wearing a silk kimono sitting on a Sit-And-Spin, whirling around gleefully."


-the black sheep-

Dearest little black sheep,

Love the yak image, but I'm slightly worried about the amount of yak back at the house and its proximity to wads of silk.

Re the zone: did I not tell you?! Madame Evil knows all...well, she at least knows her spindles. And yak. She knows yak. And cashmere. Did I mention yak?

Madame E
Tags: black sheep diaries, humor, spinning
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