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Playing with my fiber tools

It's going to be a very fibery weekend. I'm planning on playing with many of my tools, maybe even all of them today. Gotta get ready for the Estes Park Wool Festival skein competition. Lots of pressure this year b/c my teacher and mentor Maggie Casey is the judge. Talk about wanting stuff to be perfect! No slacking allowed on these skeins...

Patrick Green drum carder - going to run some angora through, and maybe play with some blends. I love my hand cranked drum carder. I still hope a Supercarder mysteriously shows up on my front porch ;) I could get sooo much more work done with that - might even start selling blends and such. And new toys are fun :)

Wool Combs - need to comb some lovely variegated corriedale from the fleece I bought at Estes last year. Also need to do some more of the rose grey alpaca.

Schacht spinning wheel - gotta spin, spin, spin. Good thing I have plenty of bobbins. On the agenda:

- black beaded yarn for a sample to go with the skein I'm sending to the Black Sheep Gathering.

- a skein of the 2-ply alpaca laceweight. 78 wpi singles - it's going to take awhile & be a lot of work.

- a skein of fine corriedale singles (ewwwww, singles!).

- a skein of 2-ply angora laceweight.

- I should do a skein of blend as well. Don't know what yet. May pull some pre-prepped fiber out of he stash.

Patrick Green Triple Picker - I was given this picker that had been languishing in a barn for several years. It was in pretty bad shape - weathered, rusted, the wood was dried out. I discovered it's made of lovely walnut when I disassembled, sanded, and refinished it. Charlie helped me by polishing up the teeth, which are now shiny and oh so sharp. I will have to post a picture of it later.

Time to get to work!

-the redhead-
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