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12 June 2007 @ 11:12 pm
Dyeing fun: Color By Number Book 2 - Deb Menz & Sara Lamb  
I received my copy of Color By Number Book 2 by Deb Menz & Sara Lamb today.

This is some seriously cool stuff. Recipes and samples of 740 complex, 3 & 4 color combinations, using ProChem dyes. "In this edition we take the concept of complementary color pairs and create a series of formulas with each pair. We use 3-color mixes with 13 of the ProChem dye colors in a DOS of 1 and 0.1."

This is a great addition to my fiber library. I also have my dye sample book from Sara Lamb's class a few years ago. We ended up with about 200 2-color combination samples, and another hundred 3-color combination samples. Unfortunately most of the 3-color tests came out very badly. This book is going to be a great resource.

Sara is coming in August to teach a freeform Dye Your Own Project class. 1 day for cellulose, 1 day for protein. I'm pretty sure I'll take the protein day. I wonder if Abby will sell me some undyed merino/silk?

I'm on the list for the fall release of the original Color By Numbers book, in 2 volumes. "Their particular usefulness is that in addition to containing actual dye formulas, the notebooks contain real samples of dyed fiber showing what the end result will look like. One-thousand-one hundred sixteen color samples to be precise" 1,116 samples! It makes my little heart pitter patter with joy.

So, I guess I'll have to get my dye stocks out and and color some fiber this summer.

-the redhead-