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24 June 2007 @ 08:33 am
Le Tour de Fleece 2007  

Le Tour de Fleece sounds like fun, as well as being good motivation to get a lot of spinning in.

Guidelines (NOT RULES):

1. Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 7th through Sunday July 29th. Days of rest: Monday, July 16th, Tuesday July 24th. (Just like the actual tour)
2. Spin something challenging Wednesday July 25th. (The last hard climbing mountain stage in the Pyrenees - Col d’Aubisque)
3. Take a button if you want one. Then we can use the button on our blogs in show of solidarity.
4. Wear yellow on Sunday July 29th to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour - but here we are all 'race leaders')

More information is located on Craftster.

I've already got to first two days set, as I will be in silk class with Judith.

-the redhead-