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Kris Kringle Consulting

Do you have a spiffy drum carder on your wishlist? Drooling over a pair of English 4 Pitch Combs? Afraid you're going to end up with the Red Heart version of hand cards? Do you really need more harsh, shockingly colored roving?

The professionals of Kris Kringle Consulting (KKC) are happy to provide information to those non-fiber SOs, partners, spouses, and family members in order to ensure they select the good tools and fibers you really desire for the various upcoming holiday seasons. These services are also available for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other gifting opportunity.

KKC is available to gently and confidentially steer your loved ones toward those fabulous fiber fundamentals to further your fibery fun.

Contact our highly knowledgeable professionals at kkconsulting@redstoneyarns.com for further information and a free consultation.

-the redhead-

...who was seriously lucky to grow up in my Mom's yarn shop - otherwise I might have gotten the fiber equivalent of lacey pink socks with sparkly Christmas trees every year… Okay, so I *do* get the socks every year… sooooo not a pink girl…

edited to correct email
Tags: humor, spinning
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