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Need website opinions & suggestions - attractive ads?

I'm looking for opinions and suggestions on the advertising I'm going to use for my new little yarn & fiber biz.

Here are the banners I've made up for Ravelry adverts - they will rotate on the site. I am all about simple and elegant, so something really busy just won't work for me. There is also no animation allowed for ads on that site. Do you think these are attractive little banner ads?

The website is not live yet - I have until Thursday to get it all together and get some product up. My *test* website is at http://www.handspunyarn.org - thoughts, opinions, and suggestions welcome as well. Obviously I have quite a bit of work to accomplish in the next 2 days. ZenCart tips welcome ;)

I'm also looking for ad copy ideas. So far I have "Welcome to Red Stone Yarns, where we create handspun luxury yarns and hand dyed fine fibers. Maybe another squooshy sentance here.". Bragging about myself is a toughie...

My first big sale starts on Wed - the local fiber guild is having it's annual sale HGB Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. It's actually a pretty big deal, as they expect thousands of people over the 6 days of the sale. I took over a whole bunch of fiber as my first experiment in what will sell or not. Wish me luck!

-the redhead-

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