-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Grand Opening

Okay, so I got brave and turned the new website on Red Stone Yarns. Let me know when you find those typos ;) I do know about the issues with the stupid close thing at the bottom of the page, and am working on it. I'd appreciate pointers to any issues y'all stumble across.

Had a great time at the sale today, though standing on the concrete for 8 hours made my foot unhappy. It was gratifying to see that many of my experiments worked. Not the pink one, tho... I'm never ever believing you people again when you tell me pink is in! ;)

Now I just have to make the integration between ZenCart and USPS Web tools...

Thanks again to everyone for the pointers - a lot of them helped, and others are on The List (tm).

-the redhead-

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Tags: red stone yarns, spinning
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