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Spinning meme

This one was relevant enough to do. Please leave me a note if y'all do this in your blogs so I can come see all the cool things you''ve done.

Bold those things you have done, italicize those you wish to do, and leave plain the ones that are of no interest to you.


Fine Wools (i.e. Merino, Cormo, Rambouillet, Polwarth, CVM, Bond, Corriedale, etc)
Longwool & Crossbreed Wools (i.e. BFL, Cotswold, Lincoln, Romney, Clyde Special, Coopworth, Teeswater, etc.)
Down-type Wool (i.e. Black Welsh Mountain, Dorset, Cheviot, Shetland, etc.)
Double Coated Wool (i.e. Icelandic, Navajo-Churro, Karakul, etc.)

Vicuna - I'd like more than that tiny handful...
Silk Caps/Bells/Hankies
Silk Sliver
Cotton (prepared)
Cotton from the Boll
Engineered Fibers (Rayon, Bambo, Soysilk, Ingeo, Ecopoly, etc.) – I have no desire to spin plastic. Bamboo isn’t plastic as far as I’m concerned.
Recycled Fibers (Sari Silk, Jeans, Garnetted, thowsters silk, etc.)
Holographic Fibers (Angelina, etc.) – okay, so this *is* plastic, but a girl needs a little sparkle
Commercially Combed Top
Commercially Carded Roving
Hand Combed Top
– yes! I make my own wonderful stuff
Hand Carded Rolags
Hand Drum Carded Batts
– make my own


Hand Cards

Mini-Combs – Forsyth combs are lovely
English Combs – love my LaniCombs
Drum Carder -  is 2 too many? Love my Supercarder!
Niddy Noddy
Yarn Meter
Skeiner - I want one of the power skeiners from Ball and Skein.
WPI Tool
McMorran Balance
Top Whorl Spindle
Mid-Whorl Spindle
Bottom Whorl Spindle (includes Turkish)
Supported Spindle (Navajo, Tahkli, etc.)
Castle Wheel – love my Schacht
Saxony Wheel
Great Wheel – I want one (or two or three…)

Portable Wheel (Little Gem, Joy, Lendrum, Hitchiker, etc.)
Electric Spinner – I want one for super fast plying.
Tensioned Lazy Kate


Worsted Spun
Woolen Spun
Long Draw
Short-Forward Draw
Spin Over the fold

From the Lock
In the Grease

Double Drafting
Energized Singles
Andean Plied 2-Ply (Wheel or Spindle?)
- both
Center-Pull Ball 2-Ply (Wheel or Spindle?) - both
2-Ply from Bobbins/Cops
3-Ply from Bobbins/Cops
Chained Plying
4+ Ply from Bobbins/Cops

Bulky/Super Bulky Weight (on purpose!)works better if I have a beer first
Worsted Weight
DK Weight
Sport Weight
Fingering Weight
Lace Weight
Cabled Yarns
Fulled Yarns
Slub Yarn
Marled Yarn (Barber-Poled Colors)

Seed Yarn (1 Thick and Soft Ply, 1 Firm and Thin)
Wrapped Spiral Yarn
Flame Yarn (Like Seed Yarn, but with Slubs)
Turkish Knot Yarn

Boucle Yarn
Beaded Yarn
Coiled Yarn

Encased Yarn (Fabric, Flower, Feather, etc. Captured Between Plies)


Buy a Fleece
Wash a Fleece
Blend Fiber Types (Combed or Carded)
- both
Blend Colors (Combed or Carded)
- both
Dye Handspun Yarn
Dye Prepared Roving/Top -
I have some lucious cashmere/silk blend I dyed in the shop. Yummy!-
Dye Locks
Solar-Dye Fiber
Kool-Aid/Food Coloring Dye Fiber
Natural Dye Fiber
Commercial Dye Fiber (Gaywool, Jacquard, etc.)
Attend a Wool Festival
Take a Spinning Class
Take a Dyeing Class
Spin in Public
Teach Children to Spin
Teach Adults to Spin
Knit with Your Handspun
Crochet with Your Handspun
Weave with Your Handspun – I’ll get there some day

Design a Project to Match Your Handspun
Design a Project from Fiber to FO
Spin Yarn to Match a Commercial Pattern
Make Socks from Handspun
Make a Scarf from Handspun
Make a Felted Project from Handspun
Make a Large Project from Handspun (Shawl, Adult Sweater, etc. >1000 yds)
Keep a Spinning Journal - does this count? ;).

Use A Reference Card to Aid Consistency
Spin Yarn for Pay
Dye Fiber for Pay
Write a Book on Spinning – working on it
Write an Article on Spinning
Make DIY Spinning Tools (PVC Niddy Noddy, Lazy Kate, CD Spindle, Hackle, Wrist Distaff, etc.)

Hmmmm… So there’s a few things on the list I haven’t done. The only one I really have *no* desire to do is spin cat. I’ve done dog, and have no desire to go there either. When I bred german shepherds I spent too much time trying to get the hair off the dogs to want to do anything with it.

Spinning plastic?? I’ll pass. The rayon is marginal, but has it’s uses. Yes, yes, the Angelina is plastic – no way around that one. But I use it as a blending fiber. A gal needs a little sparkle in her life, yanno? But spinning plastic as the yarn? No thanks. Ingeo makes *that noise* & soysilk doesn't feel right - yuck. I'll stick with worm spit ;)

Obviously I need to get busy with my spinning ;)  There's at  least 3 things on the list to accomplish. I should think of more things to add to the list...

-the redhead-

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