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It's that time - Competition Spinning

I've been so busy lately I've neglected my competition spinning. The only yarn I've gotten done for this year is some beaded yarn. I have plans for a few more beaded series, so we shall see what ends up at the shows and what ends up in the shop. I think the cool colorful metallic beads I have are going to be popular and fun.

I'm going to warm up for the year with some old standbys. After all, I need a couple more skeins of the Rambouilette and the green merino & yak for projects. We all know how much a looooove drop spinning... I'm thinking I might do a comparison of the Rambouillet on the spindle and on the wheel for amusement. The locally sourced grey corrie/alpaca/silk blend needs a few more skeins to grow into a proper faroese shawl.

I need to know which competitions are coming up first, and go look at the guidelines for some of the big shows. That should give me some inspiration. I want to get back to some more novelty yarns - this whole default lace thing makes me crazy sometimes. But then I pick up one of the Burnished batts and yummm! I'm going to be just fine lacing along with that.

The fact remains, however, that I need to break out. Do some nice novelty yarns, work at my fat singles (ugh!). Got to get some Clyde fleece worked up for Estes. Maybe this is the year for The Fleece (tm)?

It will come to me. Some of the lovely Serendipity cashmere/silk roving is going to be a lace entry somewhere.

It will all come to me...

-the redhead-
Tags: spinning, yarn
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