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20 March 2008 @ 06:16 pm
Random Thoughts  
- really, no one cares why you trimmed your Friends list. If it's that big a deal man up and tell people individually.

- LiveJournal no longer offering free accounts is *not* censorship. Look it up people.

- I find it disingenuous that Bear Stearns is blaming The Fed for their failure *snort* Arrogance doesn't pay off in the end. Too bad they never learned play nice in the sandbox. If you're a bully the other kids won't help when someone takes your ice cream.

- though I'm polite with my requests, I am still *your boss*. Yes, I *am* telling you what to do, even when I say please and thank you. Well, now you get your own gig and will sink or swim on your own. Good luck with that. I won't be helping.

-the redhead-